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What in the World am I Doing?

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

I Quit My Job to Start a Home-based Business

How I Got Here:

Well, I did it. The thing I’ve been contemplating for almost two years now. I finally quit my sucky job! My well-paying, steady, good government job as a Mail Carrier for the USPS.

I don’t know if I can just count myself as certifiably crazy now, or if I can pat myself on the back and scream with joy. There are SO many reasons why I finally took the plunge, here are just a few:

1. Constant feelings of inadequacy – I worked my behind off every day for almost 8 years for The Postal Service. My blood, sweat, and tears (literally) have gone into trying to be an excellent mail carrier, and an overall good employee. NOTHING was ever good enough… I could elaborate on that, but I’ll save it for another time.

2. Missing out on the little things – As a full-time, working mother, I cannot put into words how hard it is to focus on enjoying home life. Those of you moms that do understand, understand this deep within your soul. After working your tail off all day, you come home and still have kids’ homework, dinner, bills, grocery lists, extracurriculars, and chores waiting for you. You DREAD it (at least I did), instead of relishing every little moment with your family, or hobbies for that matter.

"I DO NOT think that I’m a bad mom, I just feel that I could be a better one."

3. Wanting to feel good physically and mentally – Years of barely keeping up have taken a MASSIVE toll on my health. I have incurred injuries on the job and have suffered from severe depression due to losing a pregnancy (I blame work). I always feel like I could do better as a wife and mother. I’ve had a hard time being both the moneymaker and task-keeper of all the things home-related. I cannot for the life of me seem to just be happy settling for the status quo.

FINALLY Deciding to Quit:

Last Wednesday, I decided that I am DONE waking up every single day hating life because I must slave away (postal requirements) at a job that looks at me like I’m just a BODY. I honestly, physically felt like a weight was lifted from my shoulders the moment I called human resources and resigned. I sat long and hard thinking about what this is going to mean for me, surprisingly the benefits outweighed the risks:

1. I can finally focus on being the kind of mom I want to be – Don’t get me wrong here. I DO NOT think that I’m a bad mom, I just feel that I could be a better one. I can now hang out with my kids without feeling like I’m getting behind on my tasks. You know, when your kids ask why you don’t play with them anymore something is wrong…

"Those of you moms that do understand, understand this deep within your soul."

2. I’m better able to love my wonderful man – My husband means the WORLD to me, he is ever patient, my voice of reason, and my foundation. I feel that I can give him my fully conscious attention now when he wants to tell me about his day, and I’m not bone tired (wanting to zone). I now have the time to make sure the laundry is caught up, no more “Babe, I can’t find any clean underwear!” CRAP…

3. I am now able to focus on something that I love – So, as a full-time wife, mother, and mail-lady, I found it extremely hard to put any time towards things that make me happy. For a minute there I thought I’d lost myself to the mundane, daily life, merry-go-round. I really put some deep thought into what I could do that makes me HAPPY and makes me a little money at the same time. It’s a dream, and I thank the Divine that I haven’t lost my capacity to be a dreamer.

What I do:

If you’ve checked out my business and website, The Raucous Redhead, LLC, you’re probably thinking, “What does she actually do?” I have a natural talent that a lot of you aren’t aware of. I have spent my ENTIRE life honing this skill, well, for as long as I could read, that is. I am really, really good at writing and proofreading, and editing. I have always been able to bust out a 10-page, well-written document within a day (don’t ask how I found this out ha-ha). Friends and family members have always come to me if they need help with looking over reports, or documents, or writing an essay for that matter.

The possibilities are endless. I can do SO MANY things, I’ve already got all the tools I need, and I can even do this from home:

1. I can write persuasive, informative, and light web copy for your website content.

2. I can come up with beautifully articulated blogs for your business page, ones that explain who you are with heart, and seemingly from your own heart.

3. I can look over any business document for errors, and light revisions, so that you don’t sound like an idiot to a potential client.

4. I will transcribe handwritten text, so that you can turn your grandmother’s recipes into a cookbook for the entire family for Christmas. I could go on, and on, and on…

My Blog:

In the process of building my lovely little legitimate business from scratch (see what I did there?), I want to keep my friends, family, and potential clients informed as to what I’m doing. I also want to include and write about all the things I love, my fur-babies, my family, and my hobbies.

My site:

At www.theraucousredhead.com, you’ll find a detailed list of what kinds of things to look forward to as far as topics. I will, I’m sure, write about many other topics, and can research on issues that are suggested, feel free to reach out.

I will post at least twice a week as I am now available in ways that I’ve NEVER been before. I have come up with the confidence to share my silly, crazy, lovely life with you and the world. I hope you’ll like it.

Thanks for reading.


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