• Christine Ward

The Unfolding

The fall, ever encroaching,

Whispers sharply on the winds.

Impending, leaden, ever approaching -

An innate awareness divinely given;

Subliminal war.

Spirit breath stirs in the bodies of those -

Visionaries, intellectuals, the knowing.

Hold steady, get ready, and never quit hoping.

The masses, largely unfeeling,

Discern slowly in their minds.

Unveiling, parlous, largely appealing -

A darker prophetic foreboding defined;

An unconscious force.

Evil deeds thrive in the blackest of times -

Sickening, controversial, and trying.

Hold steady, stay ready, the virtuous will fight.

The light, bravely shining,

Flickers steadfast in the sky.

Unearthly, awesome, bravely defying -

And beings transcendent loudly decry;

No more, no more, no more!

Mortals will see a new blossom of life -

Promising, supercelestial, the divine.

Hold steady, you're ready, the worthy never die.

Then peace, finally reaching,

After fighting for what's right.

Wondrous, fulfilled, finally teaching -

A scripture already written, but largely denied.

- Christine Ward

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