My 7-step Approach

How I'll Collaborate with You

This is an Example of a Large-scale Project - Prices are Negotiable

Now's the time to talk to me about your ideas, the work you need done, and to get my professional advice. For free. I'll be honest, we'll discuss terms, and I'll send you a price-quote/proposal for the job. When you're ready, and you accept, I'll invoice you upfront. 50% due upon receipt of invoice and 50% due upon completion or by the 30th of the month. No surprises.

*30-minute maximum - *My time is precious.

2. Researching Relevant Info:

Once you've made a payment per the terms, we'll get on to the real work. I'll comb through your website and written material to learn more about your brand, products and services, your tone, your history, and even your competition. I'll gather enough information to be able to portray your brand's style. It'll seem like the work I'm doing was actually done by you.

*$32.50 / hour - *3-hour maximum - *No surprises.

3. Official Interview:

1. Free Consultation:

Next, I'll conduct an official interview: What's the objective of this piece? What're the demographics of your target audience? What elements and benefits do you most want to portray? What's the intended "call to action?" Don't worry; if you're not sure, I'm here to help.

*$32.50 / hour - *1-hour maximum - *No surprises.

4. Creative Brief Discussion:

Before the actual writing part starts, I'll submit to you a creative brief. This unifying document will summarize all the vital points I learned during my investigation and interview. It'll ensure we're all on the same page. It's basically my interpretation of your wishes - we'll go over this.

*$32.50 / hour - *1-hour maximum - *No surprises.

5. The Actual Writing Part:

I'll spend hours thinking and planning. Then I'll spend even more hours writing, editing, and writing some more. At the end of all that, I'll submit a first draft worthy of your examination. I won't charge you for the time put into this portion. It can take 30-minutes, or it can take days. I'll only charge you for the agreed-upon word-count (per page for copy) with one revision included.

*$0.07 / word - *$32.50 / page - *No surprises.

6. Feedback and Revision:

After I submit the first draft, you need to read it and make sure it's exactly what you wanted. Now it's your chance to tell me how you feel about it, and I'll combine your thoughts into a revision of the first draft. Usually, I need no more than one rewrite to make my clients happy.

*No Charge - *One Revision Included - *No surprises.

7. Pay Remaining Balance:

You're happy, and I'm glad you're satisfied. Our business for this contract is over, and now it's time to pay the remaining balance. Payment is due upon completion or by the 30th of the month. I accept Paypal and credit/debit cards, sorry, no cash or paper checks. Thank you very much.

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